Over the last eight years, I've not only gained a relatively extensive skill set but also a high amount of passion for what I do. It is only because of this that every project I have produced to date has been of a high caliber. I'm a competent back-end developer with my skills lying particularly in languages such as PHP, Golang, Bash, C++ and Javascript (NodeJS). My skills also extend to having the ability to complete any prototyping (UI/UX design) or front-end (HTML/CSS/Javascript) task should the situation require it (native mobile apps included). As well as this, I'm also able to utilize a selection of different frameworks (React and Vue) to better complete the endeavor and have plenty of experience in doing so. Along with the various programming skills I possess, I’m more than qualified as a system administrator. I have had experience of building networks of all types to large scales and have certainly demonstrated such when working with a selection of “hosting” companies. My experience and considerable proficiency has also been put to use heavily within industry, the freelance community and perhaps most significantly, within the Open Source community, where I am a regular contributor to many repositories. Contact me today for a reasonable quote on your next project or task, whatever it may be.

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Recent Projects

All works displayed on my public profile I both own and maintain, client's work always remains respectively private.


Light Javascript date and time formatting utilities


Work in progress

Peer to peer decentralized chat app.


Work in progress

Powerful website builder.

Most of my other work can be found on my GitHub profile.